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Reckless Driving 200 miles per hour

Posted by Jeremy S. Letnick | Nov 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Many times it is easy to be caught speeding.  Sometimes you are simply going with the flow of traffic.  Other times you are trying to pass another vehicle.  Due to modern technology, vehicles today can easily travel at a much faster pace than ever before.  In fact, in the modern era, getting a 4 cylinder engine to help accelerate quickly only requires a gentle push of the accelerator.  As a result, going 20 mph or more over the speed limit happens all the time and state troopers are waiting to find those individuals and charge them with a misdemeanor.

In other cases, more excessive speeds are more intentional.  On November 12, 2016, an individual in Oklahoma was caught going over 200 miles per hour and was charged with reckless driving and felony eluding.  Fox News reported that a heavily modified 2011 Ford Mustang was initially clocked at going 84 miles per hour.  Certainly, this speed was excessive (and illegal) but not something out of the ordinary.  However, this individual chose to try to “get away” and tried to elude the police.  Turning off his headlights and brake lights, he drove to a speed of 208 miles per hour.  The pursuing officer lost contact with the individual but radioed ahead and another officer got the call.  The driver was intercepted and was ultimately arrested without further incident.

If you ever see those infamous lights and/or siren behind you, please pull over immediately.  The odds of you getting away are so slim and the probability of something much worse happening are substantial.  In the above case, had the driver pulled over immediately, his legal situation would have been much easier to handle.  In fact, a good lawyer can help get that 84 miles per house speed reduced to something other than a misdemeanor reckless driving.  Instead, he now faces a felony charge and many doors that were previously open for him will be closed forever.

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Jeremy S. Letnick

Jeremy Letnick is in the courtroom daily. Raised by both an attorney and a Fairfax County Police Officer, Mr. Letnick has been exposed to the intricate workings of both sides of the legal system his entire life.  His focus is criminal law and traffic law.  As result, he has the distinction of regularly appearing in the courts of Northern Virginia and consistently appears in front of the Judges and routinely works with the Prosecutors and Police Officers.  He has handled thousands of cases ranging from simple speeding tickets to robbery and manslaughter charges.  Mr. Letnick's ultimate goal is to make the client's court experience as stress-free as possible while pursuing the client's objectives.  Mr. Letnick is a second-degree black belt and takes the respectful position that everyone should stand up for themselves in Court and in life. George Mason University, B.A. 2004Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, J.D. 2008Certificate of Merit “Book Award”:Trial SkillsAlternative Dispute ResolutionForensic ScienceFairfax Bar AssociationPrince William Bar Association


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