Vienna Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The Town of Vienna is a municipality located in Fairfax County, Virginia. It hears traffic cases and misdemeanor cases that occur within its town limits on Mondays. Unlike other counties in Virginia, there is no Commonwealth Attorney to prosecute the cases. Rather, there is a Town Attorney that handles these traffic cases and misdemeanor cases. Like other areas of Virginia, the Town of Vienna has police officers that routinely write traffic tickets and many tickets are moving violations that will result in a loss of points on the driving record and increased insurance rates. A traffic lawyer can help reduce the possibility of being convicted of a moving violation and we offer affordable rates for our traffic ticket cases. Contact us for a Free Consultation to discuss your case by using the form below or Text at 703-300-5426 and we will answer any questions you have about your traffic ticket.

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Speeding Ticket in Vienna, VA

Depending on the speed, a conviction will result in a loss of points on the driving record (called demerit points). Examples of speeding ticket points are as follows:

Speeding at 1-9 mph above the posted limit is 3 points
Speeding between 10-19 mph above the posted limit is 4 points
Speeding at 20 mph or more above the posted limit is 6 points

Our goal in speeding ticket cases in the Town of Vienna is always to have it dismissed if possible. Of course, most the time, we are simply seeking to have the speeding ticket reduced to a no-point offense that does not carry any demerit points on the driving record so that it will not affect insurance rates and keep the driving record clear of the offense.

Other Traffic Tickets in Vienna, VA

Many times, speeding is not the issue. Rather, a person may be cited with another offense that is not severe but may still carry demerit points on the driving record, such as:

Failure to Obey a Highway Sign

Improper Turn

Improper Passing

Failure to Yield

Following Too Closely

In these types of traffic tickets, we will seek a dismissal of the charge if we are able to attack the police officer’s observations. If the facts do not warrant a dismissal, we will work towards having the charge reduced to a no-point offense.

Free Consultation For Your Traffic Ticket

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case. We want to advise of you of the consequences of your traffic ticket. Simply prepaying the ticket is a guilty plea to the charge and points will be assessed according to the severity of the offense. Give us a call to discuss how your traffic ticket will affect your driving record.

Affordable Fees

Simply prepaying the traffic ticket or speeding ticket may be cheaper initially (for example, prepaying a ticket for Failure to Obey a Highway Sign is $30). However, receiving demerit points on your driving record may result in an increase in your insurance rates that may cost more over the years than if you hire an attorney to work with your traffic ticket case.

However, since it is a simple traffic ticket or speeding ticket, our fees are reasonable so to avoid paying more for an attorney than the consequences of the traffic ticket. Give us a call and we will do the cost-benefit analysis together.