Herndon Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The Town of Herndon is located in Fairfax County, Virginia. All traffic ticket cases and misdemeanor cases that occur within the town are prosecuted by the Town Attorney on Wednesdays. The Courthouse is located at 765 Lynn Street, Herndon, Virginia 2207. Police Officers are routinely patrolling the town limits and, as a result, many people receive traffic tickets in the Town of Herndon.  Traffic Tickets can result in a loss of points on the driving record and an increase in insurance rates.

If you wish to work towards having the charge dismissed or reduced to a no-point offense that will not affect insurance rates, contact our Traffic Ticket Lawyer for a Free Consultation.  Use the form below or Text us at 703-300-5426.

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Speeding in Herndon, VA

If you receive a speeding ticket in Herndon, Virginia, you should contact a Traffic Lawyer to discuss your options.  Contacting us is free and we will help you decide if it is worth hiring a lawyer for your ticket.  Sometimes, it is cheaper to simply prepay the ticket (which is a guilty plea to the offense).  Of course, speeding tickets are considered moving violations and will result in demerit points being assessed on your driving record.

Hiring a traffic lawyer for your speeding ticket can save you points on your driving record and avoid increases in insurance rates.  We recommend contacting an attorney to discuss your case.  When we are hired in a speeding case, our ultimate goal is keeping the charge off your driving record.

Herndon, VA Traffic Ticket

Other types of traffic tickets are very common.  Disregarding a traffic signal is a very easy thing to do when trying to get through the green light when you are in a rush.  Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign is another very common offense that can happen if you are unfamiliar with that street.  Perhaps your mind was elsewhere and you did not notice the U-Turn was illegal.  In other instances, you can be cited for Following Too Closely because the vehicle in front of you is traveling below the speed limit.

These traffic tickets are generally not severe but can still result in demerit points on your driving record and increased insurance rates.  Give us a call and we will discuss what can be done to reduce these offenses so they have the least impact on your driving record.

Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to discuss your traffic case.  Whether you have received a speeding ticket or a different traffic ticket, we will take our time to advise you of the consequences of the ticket and whether it is worth hiring an attorney.

Our fees in traffic cases are affordable given that they are generally not significant charges.  However, because traffic tickets can have consequences, we want you to be aware of them and to give you the best chance at reducing any impact it may have.