July Fourth Traffic Ticket Awareness

State Police and Local Enforcement to Increase Patrol – July Fourth Traffic Tickets

NBC29 reports that on July 4th weekend, Virginia will increase its efforts to reduce traffic related accidents, injuries, and fatalities.  Known as Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort), Virginia State police will join local law enforcement to guard the roads.  Virginia highways are always busy on July 4th weekend and people should take care to be patient and leave early to give themselves extra travel time.  You can bet that there will be many July Fourth Traffic Tickets in 2016.

In 2015, it is reported that Virginia troopers arrested 96 drunk drivers and cited 8,978 speeders and 2,266 reckless drivers.  It can be easy to find an open lane and attempt to gain some ground on travel time.  However, it is clear that police officers and troopers are not simply issuing warnings.  Rather, they are out patrolling our highways to ensure traffic safety.

Hire a Lawyer for your July Fourth Traffic Ticket

If you are cited with a speeding ticket or reckless driving, call us at the Letnick Law Firm, PLC for your free consultation to discuss your options.  Many tickets are moving violations that can increase insurance rates and cause a reduction in DMV points on your driving record.  On the other hand, reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor and a loss of license is an additional punishment that is an issue.  Of course, high-speed reckless driving tickets can result in jail time if not properly handled.

Drive safely.  Have a safe 4th of July.  And be polite to law enforcement.  Being cordial can be the first step towards handing a favorable outcome for a traffic ticket.