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The Letnick Law Firm, PLC is a family-owned and operated law firm in Fairfax, Virginia.  Our office is within close driving distance to the courthouses of Fairfax County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County where we regularly practice. We have developed the trust of both our clients and the judges of Northern Virginia.  We have had the privilege of representing thousands of clients from all walks of life.  Every client and every case is important whether it is a simple speeding ticket or a messy divorce.
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Divorce Lawyer

Robert S. Letnick has been practicing law for over 37 years. His primary focus is family law. He works closely with his clients and is a no-nonsense attorney.  He will explore settlements options in an effort to resolve the case amicably if possible and to reduce the cost to the client.  Mr. Letnick will also fully litigate a case if necessary.  His vast experience gives him the unique ability to advise clients on likely outcomes, including how a Judge may rule on a matter, depending on that particular case.  Mr. Letnick is very competitive and his ultimate goal is to succeed for each client.

University of New York at New Paltz, B.S. 1973
George Mason University School of Law, J.D. 1977
Virginia State Bar Member (Family Law Section)
Virginia State Bar Chairman of Fee Dispute Resolution Program
(19th Judicial Circuit 2005-Present)
Fairfax Bar Association Member (1978-Present)
Fairfax Bar Association President’s Award(2001-2002,2007-2008,2009-2010,2012-2013)
Fairfax Bar Association Budget Committee (2006-2010)
Fairfax Bar Association Judicial Screening Committee (2010)
Vienna Bar Association President (1981-1982)
Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (1978-Present)


Traffic Lawyer

Jeremy Letnick is in the courtroom daily.  Raised by both an attorney and a Fairfax County Police Officer, Mr. Letnick has been exposed to the intricate workings of both sides of the legal system his entire life.  His focus is criminal law and traffic law.  As result, he has the distinction of regularly appearing in the courts of Northern Virginia and consistently appears in front of the Judges and routinely works with the Prosecutors and Police Officers.  He has handled thousands of cases ranging from simple speeding tickets to robbery and manslaughter charges.  Mr. Letnick’s ultimate goal is to make the client’s court experience as stress-free as possible while pursuing the client’s objectives.  Mr. Letnick is a second-degree black belt and takes the respectful position that everyone should stand up for themselves in Court and in life.

George Mason University, B.A. 2004
Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, J.D. 2008
Certificate of Merit “Book Award”:
Trial Skills
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Forensic Science
Fairfax Bar Association
Prince William Bar Association

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